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Community Energy Scheme

How does it work?

1.     Our area is good for rooftop solar. A feasibility study has found there is a high potential for solar photovoltaic panels (solar PV) and battery storage across Manningtree, Lawford and Ardleigh (potentially 14.2 megawatts at peak production).

2.     New solar panels on homes. Homeowners with suitable roof spaces will be able to buy panels and batteries outright (at a cheaper price than normal owing to community-scale installation), OR choose a funded option where panels are installed at no cost to the homeowner and paid for on a ‘Pay as you Save’ basis.

3.     Buy energy produced by the scheme. If your roof isn’t suitable for panels, you can still be involved by buying the solar generated electricity from the community scheme at what will likely be a cheaper price than standard – thus reducing the carbon footprint of your domestic energy usage and saving you money.

4.     Implement existing. Already have solar panels? You can still take part by putting your surplus energy into the scheme or by buying and adding the smart battery.

Are you Interested?

If we have interest from more than 300 households in the Manningtree, Mistley, Lawford and Ardleigh area and similar projects across the wider SENE initiative this will make a Community Energy Scheme viable.


What we need at this point is your expression of interest.   (Please note, if you Express your interest, there is no obligation on you to take part in the scheme)Please use this QR Code to register interest or alternatively, click the link below to go straight to an online form to request a survey and quote.

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