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PACE Manningtree is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (Registered Charity Number 1204980) which involves local people who believe that practical actions are a positive way to inform, inspire and enable the changes we must make in our lives to help tackle the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and damage to the natural environment.

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The UK's hottest ten years on record

2005 Was the start of the hottest 10 years on UK records.  Science warns that if we don't halve our carbion emissions by 2030 our planet is likely to warm by more than 1.5 degrees C, resulting in extreme weather events and the consequences of this being faced by our children and grandchildren. 


2023 saw the hottest average global temparatures since records began, and one third of the days in 2023 were at least 1.5 degrees C above pre-industrial levels.

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