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Trustees of PACE Manningtree

12 Trustees were appointed on 29 September 2023.

John Morley Hall (4 years)

Stephen George Norrison Marr (4 years)

Christopher James Bowden (4 years)

Jonathan Michael Wistan Wise (4 years)

Sarah Louise Smith (3 years)

Bonny Marie Williams (3 years)

Rebecca Sheila Jane Bibko (3 years)

Halford Hewitt (3 years)

Caroline Birgit Rose Hall (2 years)

Iris Eileen Marr (2 years)

Rachael Helen Hurst (2 years)

Tom Moat (2 years)


The term for each Trustee is indicated, after which they are eligible for re-election for a further two terms of 3 years.   There is a maximum of 15 places for Trustees.

Other nominations for new Trustees will be considered as set out in the PACE constitution which you can find on this website under Policies .

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