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40 Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


PACE has distributed a poster and a booklet which presents 40 ways you can reduce your carbon emissions. Here is an electronic copy of the booklet – you may have received a paper copy of both in the Manningtree area.




Each of the 40 ways has a score. The Poster and the booklet asks you to work out your total score as it is now. Then choose other changes that you can make to your lifestyle which will save you money and reduce your carbon emissions. Add up your new total score.


The reason your two scores are useful is because they will enable you and our local community to understand how we are doing to reduce carbon emissions and help reduce the serious impacts of climate change and global warming.


Please enter your two scores:


You do not need to enter your contact details – unless you would like to know more.   Thank you for working out your scores and our volunteers at PACE wish you every success in saving money, reducing your carbon emissions and contributing to tackling climate change.

** Correction in the 40 Ways Booklet under “Switching to an energy provider which supplies renewable energy. If your provider supplies you with 100% renewable electricity - Score 8”.  The reason for the correction is because no providers as yet supply 100% renewable gas.

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