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John Hall from PACE has made some helpful video guides to growing your own produce, and a couple of these can be launched from this page as a "taster".  There are 13  videos in total which can be accessed on YouTube from the link below or search for Youtube PACE Manningtree .

1. Compost

2. Where to Grow

3. Alliums; Onions, Garlic, Shallots

4. Parsnips and Carrots

5. Dealing with Pests

6. Spinach, Chard and Beetroot

7. Beans and Peas

8. Weeding and Watering

9. Courgettes, Cucumbers and Squashes

10. Brassicas

11. Leeks, Florence Fennel and Swede

12. Harvest

13. Winter to Spring

PACE "Grow Your Own" Video Guides

PACE Allotment

Food production causes massive carbon emissions, particularly transporting food from distant lands. Growing-your-own and using seasonal vegetables is much healthier and reduces food miles. At the PACE allotment we share tips on how to grow organic veg. We work together on the allotment – good exercise, excellent produce and exchange of ideas.  Join us on Sunday mornings, Shrubland Road, Mistley.

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