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Environment Books for Manningtree Library

Manningtree Library want recommendations from PACE for good books for their new Environment Shelf which covers climate change, biodiversity loss and the wider environment. (Originally PACE offered to pay half the costs, but this proved too complex for the Library procurement, so, PACE recommended the titles, Manningtree Library staff, Olly and Mandy, put forward the recommendations and they were purchased by Essex Library Services).

The first set of book titles were recommended by PACE in September 2022, they were purchased by Library Services and the Environment Shelf was formally opened by Cllr Peter Schweir, Essex County Council Cabinet member for Environment, at The Manningtree Earth Festival on 11 June 2023.

The Library rules mean that they can only procure new books (they cannot accept second handbooks for the Library shelves). Once on the Library Environment Shelf, any of these books can be taken for loan from the Library in the normal way – this means that someone from elsewhere in Essex can request the book, the Library will loan the book and when the book is returned it will come back to Manningtree Library.

The Library want further recommendations of environment books from PACE. Please put forward your suggestions – these must be books that you have read and you think they are good, and they should relate to climate change, biodiversity loss or the wider environment. Please put forward your suggestions on the JotForm.nnnPACE will collate the suggestions and periodically recommend a further set of book titles for the library to purchase.


Books recommended by PACE - Sept 2022

Silent Spring; Rachel Carson; Penguin books

Wilding; Isabella Tree; Picador

Silent Earth; Dave Goulson; Penguin Random House

What we need to do now; Chris Goodall; Profile Books

The Moth Snowstorm; Michael McCarthy; John Murray Publishers

Garden Insects of Britain; Dominic Couzens and Gail Ashton; John Beaufoy Publishing

Self Sufficiency; John and Sally Seymour; Faber & Faber

No one is too small to make a difference; Greta Thunberg; Penguin Random House

The Climate Book; Greta Thunberg; Allen Lane. Published 2022

An Inconvenient Truth; Al Gore; Rodale

How Bad Are Bananas; Mike Berners-Lee; Profile Books

The Uninhabitable Earth; David Wallace-Wells; Penguin Books

Children’s Books

Bug Hotel – A lift the flap book of discovery; Libby Walden; Caterpillar Books

Duffy’s Lucky Escape (Duffy the sea turtle); Ellie Jackson and Liz Oldmeadow


Books recommended by PACE - Oct 2023

Things you can do – How to fight Climate Change and reduce Waste. Eduardo Garcia.  Pop Press – Penguin Random house. 2022. IOSBN 978-1-5291-4980-7.

Sixty Harvests Left – Philip Lymbery. How to reach a nature-friendly future. Bloomsbury Publishing. 2022. ISBN HB:978-1-5266-1932-7.

Dirt to Soil – one family’s journey into regenerative agriculture. Gabe Brown. Chelsea Green Publishing. 2018. ISBN 97816033587631.

Braiding Sweetgrass. Robin Wall Kimmerer. Imprint Penguin. 2020. ISBN 9780141991955

Braiding Sweetgrass for Young Adults. Robin Wall Kimmerer. Zest Books. 2022. ISBN 9781728458991.

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